Dr. Alessandro Urbani

My name is Alessandro Urbani. I am a posturologist, osteopath and kinesiologist, specialized in pediatric osteopathy and founder of a new treatment method. My professional skills allow me to find solutions to back pain, colitis, neck pain and sciatica problems. During my professional career I have attended various Italian and American training courses; while today I carry on several international collaborations.

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Osteopathy is a manual science that treats body disorders through specific and localized maneuvers. Useful in the case of locomotor, neurological, digestive and occlusal dysfunctions, this discipline is suitable for everyone. Sometimes I resort to my osteopathic working method called Cranial Fascial Therapy.


Posturology is a science that studies the relationship between poor body posture and painful pathologies that affect 90% of the population, such as osteoarthritis, herniated disc, spinal pains, scoliosis and headaches. To establish the state of health of the postural tonic system of my patients, I also turn to instrumental examination.


Kinesiology is an applied science that investigates the relationship between a single muscle and the rest of the body. This manipulative method is useful for treating osteoarticular, digestive, vestibular or breech problems, but also for identifying deeper disorders through muscle and kinesiological tests.

My holistic approach

I aim to treat each patient in its structural, organic, mental and emotional entirety. At one time by acting on the postural tonic system (PTS), and others on a bone district or on a particular muscle, I implement therapies based on anatomical, physiological and neurological knowledge which do not include medicines. Whereas my holistic approach, sometimes I involve other specialists in order to face the problem globally.

From the origin to the treatment

Once the origin of the problem has been identified through tests and an initial postural analysis, I alleviate the patient’s discomfort with a therapy based on the most suitable manipulative technique according. Whenever possible, besides turning to another specialist, I seek help from the Cranial Fascial Therapy method that I conceived myself: a therapeutic system that eliminates interferences in the organism starting from the manipulation of the myofascial chains.


My job is not a job, but a passion. This is what I have been trying to convey to my Italian and international students for over ten years. During my lessons I don’t stop at theory: I tell experiences and recommend practical advice.

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