Kinesiology is an applied science that is concerned with the muscular system, investigating the relationship between a single muscle and the rest of the body.

What is Kinesiology

Kinesiology conceives the organism as a single entity; it starts from the assumption that the muscular districts are affected by inflammation or disorder originating in a contiguous area thus memorizing any physical or emotional trauma even in the deepest layers. Applied Kinesiology is a manipulative method aimed at diagnosis, developed by the American chiropractor George Joseph Goodheart in the mid-1960s.

Kinesiology what it cures

This method is useful for treating osteoarticular, digestive, vestibular or breech problems, but also for identifying deeper disorders. For this reason it is considered a resource for numerous medical fields, such as in Dentistry and Optometry, but also in sports it represents a treatment that helps athletes to prevent injuries or cope with any relapses.

Kinesiology is suitable for everyone, since it aims to restore a balance between the three components: structural, biochemical and psychological. The treatment does not focus on specific symptoms, but verifies and corrects the imbalances of the entire system, encouraging the mind and body to heal on their own. Thanks to Applied Kinesiology we can also evaluate posture, investigating the various ocular receptors (eyes), gnathological (teeth), breech (feet) and their relationship.

Kinesiological examination

During the visit I subject my patients to a muscle test to analyze their strength and muscle tone and to a kinesiological test to evaluate the reactivity of the nervous system. The tests are never invasive and easily detect the individual’s health.

Through the assessment of muscle strength, I am able to diagnose bone and joint problems, but also diseases or deeper inflammations originating in other parts of the body. In fact, the test works as an interpretative code of the structural (overall or sectorial), organic and psycho-emotional, state of the patients.

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Muscles are highly affected by any localized inflammation. Do not hesitate to contact me in order to determine the cause of your muscular pain and restore the balance of the whole organism.

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