Neurological Osteopathy

More than a real branch of osteopathy, this approach is the result of my decades of experience as a child osteopath. Over the years I have had the opportunity to treat children and adolescents suffering from neurological problems, in particular from infantile cerebral paresis such as:

  • Quadriplegia: trunk and limbs motor control disorder;
  • Hemiplegia: left or right body hemisphere motor control disorder;
  • Diplegia: control disorder of two limbs, usually the lower ones.

Neurological osteopathy may find application in patients suffering from spastic cerebral paresis or from some genetic diseases. In these cases, it is even more crucial to use a team of doctors specialized in various fields, who provide the correct stimuli to treat every aspect of the problem. The goal is to help the patient to express the maximum potential, taking into account the starting conditions and possibilities for improvement.

R.I.N.O .: Register of International Neurosteopathy for the osteopathic treatment of neurological disorders

In the world of osteopathy, there are still too few professionals who deal with this type of problem. To reverse the trend, open a comparison channel and spread the knowledge of osteopathic-neurological treatment, in 2018 I decided to establish the R.I.N.O. It is an international registry that collects all osteopaths with experience in the treatment of patients suffering from neurological problems.

The desire to affirm this specialization at international level, also led me to collaborate with Heart With Hands, a Foundation that takes care of children – and young people – with neurological syndromes all over the world, and with the Deschidem Inimi Neurological Rehabilitation Center in Pitesti, Romania.

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If your baby is affected by a neurological disorder, do not hesitate to contact me. Together we’ll be able to reach his or her maximum potential in the most delicate way.
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