In 2010 I started my teaching path. I am a trainer in Clinical Posturology, Re-Balance Manual Therapy, Cranial Fascial Therapy, Muscle Tests and Visceral Therapy. Training courses are never the same, as the inputs from the participants are always different.

Initially I felt a lot of responsibility yet I soon discovered how much this role can be a source of great satisfaction and a continuous stimulus to improve my ability to transmit concepts and working methods without making the mistake of sticking to theory alone.

In fact, during the lessons I dwell for a long time on my experiences in order to make students understand how to concretely apply the different techniques; but above all I want to teach how this profession should not be experienced as a job, but as a passion.

My Osteopathy courses

Today I teach at the Altermedical Center, at both the Rome and Barcelona locations, at the Catholic University of Rome, at the European headquarters of Honolulu University and finally at the Physio Sport Therapy Academy in Romania.

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Teaching is a fundamental part of my professional activity, that’s why I’m always happy to train new professionals.

Contact me if you want to convey osteopathic and kinesiologic competences.